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Today is January 16, 2017

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~

 Automated Trash Collection Has Been Canceled
   Our Neighborhood is no longer using automated trash collection.  It was determined that service was too slow, and the trucks were causing excess wear and tear on the streets, especially cul de sacs.  Normal hand collection service will continue to be every Monday and Thursday.
  • Normal trash is still Monday and Thursday.
  • Thursday remains Recycle day
  • Heavy trash is limited to two items, each Thursday. 
  •  Place bins on your driveway or grass, handle facing the street. 
  •  Please bag if possible to avoid light debris from flying from your bins, on to the street. 
  •  Call WCA for one free trash bin.  Additional bins are $ 48
  •  WCA will deliver a 65 gallon Recycle Cart.  Once carts are delivered, WCA will only pick up using these carts for recyclables. 
  •  WCA Waste:  281-789-1981   or
New POA Website
     The property owners association has created an "official" Thousand Oaks website.
      Please register at the new website, as it is the official neigborhood website and source for information.  The current website you are on now was created over 5 years ago by residents since no official website existed.  Hopefully once the new website is up and running effectively, this website will no longer be neccesary.  Their is also message board called Message Board
    Many neighborhood residents have started a new message board on a website called   This website is not associated with the POA, but has been very popular with residents.  Residents are encouraged to join.  Visit and enter your address and email.  It will automaticaly bring you to a Thousand Oaks only area of their website.  It is also useful because Moystn Manor and Lake Windcrest are using the same website, and messages can be shared.
Website Access Request
    Please register first at the official website.  The website you are on now is not the official website, and will hopefully shut down in the next year or so when the new official website gets enough members and is fully functioning.      
    All requests for access to this website must use the "register" button in the top left corner.  Please select "register', then complete the required information.  Once your information is verified, your account will usually be approved within 24 hours of your request.  You must be a current resident for full access.  If you are a potential buyer or looker, please make a note of this.  "Limited" access may be granted for potential buyers to some pages to help with their home buying decision.  Once approved, you will receive an email from the website stating your account has been approved.  Please do not use the "contact" link to request new access.  Keep in mind your profile will be available to the public ie: other residents.  Do not put private information in your profile.  Only your name, address and a current email is required.  We reserve the right to deny access or membership to this site.
If you forgot your password or login, there is also a feature to have it emailed to you on the log in page, using your original email account on record.  The webmaster cannot view, access or email you a new password.  Only approve or delete accounts.
Thousand Oaks Property Owners Association (TOPOA) Contact Information
Please note that the Thousand Oaks Information Center located near the swimming pool is NOT associated with the TOPOA.  This sales office should not be used for any neighborhood business related to Property Owners Association.
Architecture Review and Dues
All dues, deposits, fees and architectural review submissions must be sent directly do Chaparral Management Company (CMC).  No funds or ARC submissions should be submitted directly to the POA Board, ARC or any committe or board member.  Please visit the Committees page for more information about the ARC.
CMC, Chaparral Management Company, Inc. AAMC
PO Box 681007, Houston, TX 77268-1007
Burn Ban
Please check the  Montgomery County Fire Marshall Website for burn ban information prior to any outdoor burning or open flames. Please be a good neighbor and reduce the risk of fires or being fined by the Fire Marshall.

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~ Welcome New Neighbors ~
Welcome Home!
The neighborhood would like the opportunity to get to know you and welcome you to your new community. If you are a new resident, or know of someone that has just moved into the community, the neighborhood would love to hear about it! 
  • If you are a new resident please visit the Local Info tab for helpful information about utilities and other important new resident information.
  • Need a gate remote or pool key?  Please visit the Gate Info page
  • Do you have an announcement, suggestion or story to share?
Send it to us so we can share it here!
If you have not recieved your Message Board Account information,
email us so we can help you .

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